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While most application software automate business transactions and provide relevant analytics, ServiceNow provides a platform to automate all the other workplace activities  that today are accomplished via email and spreadsheets. Clinton Rubin believes ServiceNow has the ability to revolutionize how we work today by providing defined processes and management of activities today that are largely unstructured and random.

´╗┐Clinton Rubin has developed an Enterprise Solution to manage the law firm life cycle using ServiceNow. Below is an overview of the solution. It includes sub processes such as pre-intake process, new matter and new client intake as well as the pricing, project management, proforma billing and collections processes. It will also enable lawyers to define process of lawyering in process oriented legal practices such as Intellectual Property and Patents. Clinton Rubin is also defining specific solutions for HR such as Case Management and Onboarding and offboarding of employees specifically integrated into the Infor and Ceridian platforms.

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