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Independent Verification & Validation (IV&V)

Clinton Rubin’s accomplished consultants recognize that every program is different. We work with management teams to tailor our programs and tools to meet the specific needs of your program and organization. With this approach, we can provide evaluation of multiple areas for complete coverage or focus on a single, high-risk aspect of the program.

Areas identified for review may include:

  • Program and project management
  • Budget management and performance measures
  • Organizational change management
  • Architecture and design
  • Requirements management
  • Security
  • Hardware and software testing

Why Clinton Rubin for Independent Verification & Validation (IV&V)?

Clinton Rubin’s team has extensive experience providing Program IV&V support to state and federal agencies.  Leveraging our knowledge and experience in program management, technical delivery and regulatory requirements, we can independently verify that processes are being executed according to industry standards and organizational policies. 

Our professionals review large programs as well as implement and manage them. We understand firsthand the associated complexities and risks. With increasing scrutiny by oversight bodies, and continuing budget and schedule pressures, it’s more important than ever to identify and mitigate those risks. We recognize the need to meet requirements while maintaining high-quality service for the user communities.

Our methodology is flexible and can be applied in multiple ways based on clients’ needs.

  • Traditional IV&V product testing and evaluation
  • Full lifecycle IV&V for the life of the program
  • One-time reviews (i.e., IBRs, Program Reviews, etc.)
  • Targeted reviews on a particular area (i.e., Requirements, CM, etc.)
  • Solution can be leveraged for internal review of a MI project

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