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Clinton Rubin helps healthcare organizations accomplish critical initiatives related to HR, Financial Systems, Revenue Cycle Management, Inventory and Supply Chain, and business intelligence. [more info]


Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences
Declining efficacy of R&D, increasing regulatory pressures, patent expirations, and a larger influence of commercial and government contracting have all contributed to unprecedented change in the Pharmaceutical Industry. Pharmaceutical Manufacturers and related Life Sciences companies must address this unprecedented period of change while simultaneously reducing their IT spend. [more info]


Consumer Products, Manufacturing and Distribution
Substantial market share has been lost over years to foreign competitors. No industry is immune. The pressure is on to be the nothing less than the best. But being the best takes serious change and it's no easy matter. You've got to streamline your factories, systems and organizations, and open up lines of communication. [more info]


Technology and Communications
Bringing the right products to market effectively and maintaining competitiveness in the global high tech industry requires top-notch strategy and execution. Success demands maximizing your revenue and regulating your costs to improve profitability. High tech companies in particular are dealing with global integrations stemming from mergers and acquisitions, lightning-fast product innovations that can make products obsolete overnight, consumer and business expectations for world-class sales and support, and cloud computing and social media challenges. Further, advanced technology seems to spring up overnight and changes how high tech companies do business and their customer interactions. [more info]


Financial Services
There are many policy reforms and new regulations driving transformation of the Financial Services industry. These changes will affect how the industry interacts with stakeholders including government, corporate and retail customers, analysts, regulators and shareholders. They will have significant impact on critical operational components including legal entity structure, capital requirements, regulatory reporting, operational infrastructure, etc. Clinton Rubin experts can guide your organization through this complex evolving environment to achieve operational performance and compliance. [more info]


Clinton Rubin possesses unique federal agency insight and expertise that is leveraged by our government contracting industry clients to define and refine their products and services, develop their market strategy, and support their market business development and opportunity capture. Clinton Rubin also partners with our clients to deliver Health Care and ERP transformation services to government agency clients. [more info]


Legal and Education
Professional services organizations such as legal and education have been coming under severe pressure to reduce cost and improve quality. Technology is playing a strategic role in these organizations to eliminate non value added activities and automate the manual activities and eliminate email and spreadsheets. [more info]


The road in retail is rough. From dealing with reduced consumer spending and tightening margins to increased competition from online and traditional vendors, retailers are faced with numerous challenges to delivering the best customer experience while maximizing profits. In today’s retail climate, it’s imperative for retailers to identify and implement cross-channel solutions that can help them effectively execute their multichannel strategies. [more info]


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